Cell Immun

Cell Immun was founded with the aim of ensuring professional services and extensive care for physicians as well as patients. Due to long-term experience and reliability we are able to meet the needs of our clients.

Our team cooperates closely with carefully selected physicians in Germany and all over the world. We guarantee highest quality and effectiveness. Our lyophilisates and ultrafiltrates are produced in close cooperation by a well-established laboratory with long-term experience and know-how.

Our activities are based on the historical research by Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans, conducted in the beginning of the last century, followed up and compiled by Prof. Dr. Albert Landsberger, University of Heidelberg.


What can we do for you?


The cell and immune-regulative molecular therapy is based on fundamental scientific findings in biology, chemistry, physics, and medicine. That is why this therapy demands a profound and qualified education in this day and age.

Our basic seminars plus additional systems-specific courses ensure the correct application on the patient. The physician benefits from this specialisation with a new skillset, expertise and confidence. At the same time, our seminars form the basis for a therapy getting more and more positive attention; a therapy for the benefit of the patients.

2Training Courses

Basic Seminar

All the basics are conveyed herein: diagnosis, pre- and follow-up-treatment of the application itself, distinction between humane and xenogeneic basis, etc. Further decidedly information and instructions for the fulfilment of the statutory requirements in Germany, the own-manufacture process, applications in practice plus medication of the various cell preparations and aftercare.

System-Specific Courses

Detoxification therapies, metabolism diagnostics, measurement parameters of the regulatory levels, peripheral applications (ozone, oxygen multi-step therapy, base infusions, etc.), specific indication-based case studies and follow-on treatments.

Conciliar Courses

Allows all physicians to attend further training courses such as mesotherapy, emergency medicine, pain therapy (also qualifies for education points within the framework of the German points system for a physician's continuous training).

3Therapy Recommendations

Cell Immun is accompanying you in the application of the cell therapy inter alia in the form of injectable tissue suspensions and cell peptides through oral intake. These preparations are in their intensity and bioavailability many times over what normal food can offer. Permanent quality checks guarantee the exceptional level of the products. Educated cell therapists are focussing on medicating the underlying causes and fine-tune the treatment in collaboration with their patients.

A respectable cell therapy consists of a comprehensive medical history plus accompanying therapies like e.g. conventional treatment methods, additional naturopathic treatments and/or physiotherapy. Depending on the service package you (can) select, you will get extensive access to our international team of experts with decades of professional experience in these medical matters.

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