Benefit by Quality

Cell Immun is a competence center for therapists with the aim of offering demanding and applicable training courses in the field of integrative medicine. We support the responsible use of molecular preparations with a view to a successful and targeted therapy for your patients.

For the experienced molecular therapists and interested physicians we offer safety in cooperation with an approved manufacturing laboratory. All molecular preparations are manufactured according to GMP guidelines so that a consistently high quality and purity is guaranteed. According to our mission statement “benefit by quality” only the best products are used on the patient.

Through a continuous exchange of experience within our network we build a bridge between you as a therapist and the health of your patients. The benefit of all participants is thus maximised through our established synergies-circle.


  • Environmental and dietary factors might cause stress whose false reactions shall need to be compensated
  • Help in case of chronic functional and organ disorders
  • Search of therapeutic elements that integrate with the orthodox, analytic medical direction
  • Slowdown of the ageing process


  • Competitive differentiation
  • Extension to new targeted groups of patients
  • Expansion of existing approaches by integrative treatment methods
  • Patients develop a cost-benefit-awareness
  • Safety > the quality of treatments/healing/well-being is established

Cell Immun

  • Communication interface between therapist and patient
  • Inspiration for therapists
  • Support in practice management
  • Committee work in science and industry
  • Certification body for cell therapy according to Cell Immun-standards